Grezzo 2




The most beastly, offensive game ever


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Grezzo 2 is a first-person shooting and action game developed using the open-source EDuke32 engine where players control a crazy man who is armed to the teeth and who has decided to head to the street in order to give free rein to his murderous instincts.

The game uses tons of elements from different games from the nineties. You'll see weapons from games like Duke Nukem, Blood or Shadow Warrior, character models taken from Redneck Rampage, scenes lifted from Hexen or Heretic, and much more.

The advantage of all of this is that you will find a crazy assortment of weapons. You can use various types of shotguns, machine guns, pistols or flame throwers. However, you will also find weapons like voodoo dolls, katanas, rakes or even basketballs.

Almost all of the scenes in the game are urban, which means that in addition to being able to walk around killing everything you see, you can use different vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. When you do so, you can run over any enemy you see Carmageddon-style.

Grezzo 2 has different game modes. The story mode allows you to advance through different levels, facing the final bosses. The survival mode, on the other hand, puts you face-to-face with endless waves of enemies. Finally, the online mode gives you the chance to show off your skills over the internet.

Grezzo 2 is a very offensive game in all aspects and it's extremely crude. This is exactly why it will find a loyal fanbase. Either way, it is a very fun game.
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